"My drawings and paintings are the spontaneous creations

of pure inner thoughts, not pre-planned or intended."

Susanne Swibold is an artist, explorer, teacher and naturalist. Her idiosyncratic eye and passionate curiosity have led her to collaborate with renowned paleontologists, building safety designers, and modern dance choreographers. Susanne has a B.F.A. from the Chicago Art Institute and University of Chicago and a M.F.A., University of Michigan.


She has taught art, photography and film in the United States and Canada. The recipient of Canada's highest award in the arts, Susanne has produced independent films and published widely in books and periodicals. She is a research associate at the Arctic Institute of North America, University of Calgary. Susanne has been invited to lecture and conduct seminars internationally on her visual techniques and conservation efforts in the Bering Sea.





The child within simply starting a line, a colour, a shape on a piece of paper until it starts to see something that prompts curious attention.



Creative activity becomes

more intense as thoughts are recognized.



Listen to the story the child tells of this non-objective picture.



Serious enquiries only: smswibold@nucleus.com


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